Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Counter Strike: Condition Zero

Counter Strike: Condition Zero, Free PC Games, Free Online Games

Counter Strike ...... in short "CS" or "CZ" is one of the well known game in gaming world.... Counter Strike contain both mission stages or level as well as multi player mode. This is the first choice of Pro Gamers. Counter Strike have n numbers of stages which are add with the games pack when you download, but you can also randomly download the stages from internet.... most of the file format are supportable. Counter Strike: Condition Zero are also played online as well as on local area network (LAN). Now a days due to popularity of Counter Strike: Condition Zero fine players are selecting it as a profession.... playing games for living ... sound crazy but this is the fact of 21st century. Professional Counter Strike Gamers are appreciated in gaming world and they earn a lot too.
If you want to play if alone ..... don't panic you have varieties of stages to pass and each have different challenges. This game if full of advance weapons ... such as rifle including silencer , Grenade, Pistols including silencer, Tactical shield......etc ........ you will surely enjoy the originality of virtual weapons. You can either chose to be Terrorist or Counter Strike Army force... this is up to you, they both have different but mind blowing experience.




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