Monday, August 10, 2009

GTA: Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City story starts after ending of Grand Auto Theft III (GTA III). The character had succeeded in surviving in it’s previous series GTA III will be resume in action. If you have played GTA III then you will surely understand the intensity of Liberty City. The sort of predictable game play but include more adventures story and excitedly of new city to hunt. In GTA III there are few really embarrassing parts such as no bike, motorcycle and not even scooter. The mission was good but overall city didn’t hold that much graphical detail. But now in Liberty city all you want’ will have already full filled. The new shining city with more dangerous enemies’, good friend, cut throat missions.

Rockstar has done a great job in accordance to graphics. You character hold more detail and approachable looks and reactions. The mission is located at the best part of the cities. You really enjoy movie from one location to another. Liberty city is third person game which required a good skill of driven cars or motorbike. You can check the stats of your attempted missions, how much is successfully committed and how much is left. Final say, Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Delivers more then it’s previous version.

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